SafeCool Habitats

When your people are comfortable, they are more focused on the job. By keeping them cool when it is too hot to work, you protect their health. You allow them to work for longer periods of time safely and comfortably.

The Ex certified SafeCool AC unit is specially designed for hot climates and tough working areas (including hazardous or classified zones). When combined with certified SAFEHOUSE habitats, SafeCool creates a cool work environment. SafeCool maximises cooling efficiency and can be used as a backup while fixed AC systems are serviced.

SafeCool in action

The SafeCool system provides 25Kw of cool air and controls humidity to protect personnel welfare and improve productivity.

50°C climate see 100% increase in tool time

Turbine House’s staff could only work in 15 minute bursts on its production platform. Typical, for the extreme temperatures of 50°C. However, we knew that dropping the temperature to 30°C would have a ripple effect. Productivity doubled after we employed our SafeCool AC unit. Turbine House’s staff were able to work in 30 minute blocks, with less heat fatigue and better morale.