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Safehouse Isolation Systems (SIS)

Infection Prevention Control

Guidelines recommend the use of negative pressure isolation rooms (NPIRs) for infected patients as an engineering control to reduce the risk of aerosol (airborne) transmission to healthcare workers and other patients when conduction Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP’s). Conversely, positive pressure isolation rooms (PPIRs) can be used to protect immuno-compromised or other vulnerable high-risk patients.

Safehouse can provide the following infection prevention and control products to rapidly increase NPIR and PPIR capacity:

Safehouse SafeRoom – The Safehouse SafeRoom is a portable anteroom (airlock entrance) system with HEPA-filtered ventilation which has the ability to convert existing rooms into Class-N negative pressure isolation rooms (NPIR) or Class-P positive pressure isolation rooms (PPIR). Installation time is as low as 30 minutes.

Safehouse SafeFlex – The Safehouse SafeFlex is a standalone temporary negative pressure isolation room unit used to isolate infectious patients and can be used to supplement existing NPIR capacity or to provide capability to regional and remote areas where it does not exist. The equipment is highly flexible and portable. Custom designs can be rapidly developed and manufactured to suit operational needs. The units are particularly well suited to aerosol generating procedure isolation rooms either inside or outside of existing medical facilities. Additionally, Safehouse SafeFlex is being used to help the dental sector become fully operational by allowing Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP’s) to be conducted within a safe and controlled environment. Our technology allows AGP’s to resume with a 10 minute turnaround period between patients, ensuring your business can get back to normal whilst adhering to local guidelines.

Safehouse SafeClinic – SafeClinics are four-room transportable medical clinics featuring a HEPA filtered negative pressure ventilation system, anteroom entrance, ensuite and nurse’s station. The temporary units can be used to provide additional negative pressure isolation room capacity. They are ideal for rapidly providing out of department isolation wards. Out-of-department ‘fever clinics’, which physically segregate potential and confirmed infectious patients from other departments have been reported as an effective strategy for preventing transmission within hospitals and are recommended by the World Health Organisation. However, infrastructure of appropriate size, location and design for separate ‘fever clinics’ is infrequently available within or nearby hospitals. In addition, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) capacity could be exceeded if a second wave of infection occurs. Accordingly, additional temporary infrastructure of appropriate size, location and design to accommodate ‘fever clinics’ and expand ICU capacity may be urgently required.


For more information of how our range of Safehouse Isolation Systems can help secure the safety of your staff, patients and the future of your business. Please contact us.

Safehouse SafeRoom

As a response to the recent Global health crisis, Safehouse identified a need to diversify to assist in any way possible, whilst simultaneously securing the future of its business. Our expertise in utilizing pressurization for containment within the energy services industries uniquely places us to assist in the fight against COVID-19.

After discussions with the senior leadership team of a local medical facility, a group of Starn engineers attended to assess its requirements. We carried out detailed site surveys on various areas that were identified as locations which could potentially benefit from the implementation of an additional control measure. Approximately five days after initial contact with the team, a protype of our new Safehouse Isolation System (SIS) “SafeRoom”, bespoke to the facility was manufactured and ready for install.