JB Roche Inflatable Shelters

JB Roche is the world’s most advanced supplier of ready to go, inflatable shelters. In 1999, JB Roche invented and patented the world’s first all fabric, precision fit, inflatable shelter.

Today, JB Roche is trusted by the world’s leading airlines, MRO’s and militaries to supply them with inflatable maintenance shelters. With the expertise, designs and materials to create extraordinarily precise aircraft shelter enclosures, JB Roche continues to advance its designs to meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry.

SAFEHOUSE is proud to be bringing JB Roche shelters to the oil & gas industry and the other core markets that SAFEHOUSE serves.

The JB Roche aim is to provide hi-tech, innovative, fabric & air filled structures to enable work to get done whatever the conditions, regardless of location. The JB Roche structures are portable, durable and easy to erect with the minimum of training. Their primary goal is to provide a safer and more comfortable working environment for workers in hazardous or in-hospitable conditions/locations.  This dovetails perfectly with the objectives of SAFEHOUSE and the benefits of its own pressurised habitats – and enables SAFEHOUSE to offer a wider range of solutions for customers seeking engineered protection.

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