Building on our industry expertise, we have developed a range of ATEX Power Tools to take safety tool performance to a new level. Safehouse ATEX Power Tools are ideal for jobs where a SAFEHOUSE habitat is not necessary, but engineered protection is still required to safely deliver production and cost efficiencies.


Our range of innovative spark free tools are designed to eliminate risk while saving time and money. Our innovative technology for repair and maintenance work in hazardous environments safely delivers exceptional productivity. Manufactured to the highest standards, our ATEX Power Tools are of exceptional quality, reliability and performance and are proven in front-line operations. We use best-in-class materials maximising your efficiency and optimising your productivity.


Safehouse ATEX Power Tools represent a no-compromise alternative to conventional tools. They generate low-heat so no hot work permit is required: this eradicates the need for costly shutdowns. Safehouse ATEX Power Tools have been used by clients to ensure risk is as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). They are fully Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certified to meet the rigorous ATEX standard when working in zones one and two.


Safehouse ATEX Power Tools are defined by safety, strength, productivity and reliability. The tools produce low vibration levels so can be used for up to 22 hours per day without breaching hand-arm vibration regulations and at comparatively low noise levels.

Our innovative equipment comes in three complete systems to suit your operational needs

  • Grinder system
  • Coating removal system
  • Weld removal system

Motor units

We have worked with internationally respected Atlas Copco to develop our drive motors. We have modified the gearing and speed to optimise our unique Safehouse ATEX Power Tools. This provides an exceptional quality drive motor designed to conform to our certification.

Attachments – Burrs

Burrs are designed to provide a range of practical options when working with steel, non-ferrous materials specifically aluminium, and passive fire protection materials such as chartek and fendolite.  The burrs range in size and shape to get close to the edge or work a larger surface area.  They are ideal for use around bolts and nuts or inside a pipe.

Attachments – Disks

The coating removal disk is an 80mm disc that can be used to achieve surface finishes of 35 to 70 micron.  The weld removal disk is a heavy duty 108mm tungsten carbide disk to remove welds.

Commercial/delivery options

For maximum flexibility, our commercial options are tailored specifically to your needs.

For a bespoke proposal, please contact us.