Safehouse Case Study Feature on Oil & Gas UK Website

As part of the Oil & Gas UK focus on efficiency and innovation, Safehouse is pleased to announce the showcase of one of it’s case studies on the Oil & Gas UK website.

Safehouse, a member of the Starn Group, brings significant savings to its customers by facilitating hot work in hazardous areas using pressurisation. This innovative technology uses bespoke, modular enclosures to mitigate the risks traditionally associated with conducting perceived dangerous maintenance and repairs in live environments, without the need for costly shutdowns.

The case study in question details Safehouse’s involvement in carrying out urgent hull repairs to an LPG tanker in the Panama Canal.  The nature of the recommended repairs would normally require the ship’s tanks to be purged of all traces of hydrocarbons and the work would need to take place in dry-dock. By utilising SAFEHOUSE habitats, the client avoided the need to purge the tanks and the need to take the ship off course, avoiding an estimated £350,000 in associated costs.







To view the case study in more detail on the Oil & Gas UK website, click here.