Safehouse, a Starn Company, is proud to announce it’s partnership with Aboriginal-owned Redspear.

Safespear brings together the expertise and industry knowledge from well-respected businesses; Safehouse and Redspear Safety. A focus on excellence and shared core values differentiate Safespear in the market. Safespear is an Aboriginal-owned business and its primary objective is to ensure that the worker, who goes to work, returns safely to his/her family. This is achieved through innovation, design and the supply of world–class safety solutions.

Safespear’s dedication to the consistent delivery of client-focused and highly-specialised safety services to its clients sets it apart from the competition. An agile business delivery model is client centric, ensuring customers are at the heart of the business. Safespear strives to align its objectives with those of its client’s and aims to reduce safety risks, maintain operational schedules and increase productivity.

Safespear’s in-house capability is proficient in the installation, inspection, rectification, conformity assessment and commissioning of all on-site and off-site systems.

Safehouse and Redspear have a long history of working with many of the world’s oil majors around the globe. The businesses have come together under the Safespear brand, offering the market an un-surpassed and diverse offering of highly-specialised services under one brand.

Over the last 18 years Safehouse has become synonymous with protecting customer’s assets, personnel and production through involvement in every major oil & gas maintenance, brownfield and construction project across Australia. From its strategically positioned bases in Perth, Darwin and Adelaide, as well an a global agent and partnership network, Safehouse conducts work in remote locations both onshore and offshore as well as all major metro areas.

For further information on this exciting new partnership, please visit the Safespear website.