Safehouse increases capacity in Qatar with the appointment of a local project delivery lead.

Safehouse, a member of the Starn Group is delighted to announce the appointment of a highly skilled, in-country project lead based in Qatar.

 Safehouse’s newest recruit sees the expansion of our workforce in Qatar and as such, increased capacity and capability to further strengthen our position in the region.

In partnership with DOPET, an increased workforce bolsters our commitment to deliver a consistent service to the highest standard, no matter where you are in the world. Safehouse strives to achieve this by maximising on DOPET’s local knowledge and experience.

DOPET was established in 1981 to cater to the oilfield services and maintenance activities in the State of Qatar. DOPET provides services to most of the major regional onshore and offshore operators in the oil & gas, petrochemical and utilities industries, and has grown into one of the largest engineering and construction services companies in Qatar.

Founded in 2001 in Scotland, Safehouse continues to evolve and today delivers products and services to over 50 countries globally, with strong presence from Australia to the Americas. Safehouse’s offering includes a range of hot work pressurised welding habitats which control environments to achieve safe working conditions. For example, pressurised habitats enable hot work, such as welding or grinding, to be undertaken on an oil or gas facility whilst it is operational and with the associated risk of flammable hydrocarbon gases in circulation – thus maintaining production and minimising the cost implications associated with shutdowns.

Safehouse ensures the world’s toughest environments are safer, more productive and more economic.

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