Case study: Decommissioning


Safehouse Habitats recently assisted with the decommissioning of an offshore platform for a leading operator. We were involved in the early engineering contract and in the preparation of the heavy lift of topside items, including the helideck.

In this early phase of the decommissioning plan, the wells were still connected to the reservoir and the associated topside connected to the riser. Both these systems contained hydrocarbons and therefore all hot work needed to be controlled by the operator’s ‘Permit to Work’ system and the zone rating remained as per standard site hazardous area drawings during a live plant scenario. Our habitats were utilised to provide engineered protection so as to ensure the preparation works could proceed in accordance with the plan.


The platform was unmanned, so we addressed this issue by scheduling our part of the work to fit in with existing plans. Our personnel also made use of an accommodation vessel that was already located on the field at the same time. These plans ensured cost implications were minimised.


We offered a practical and flexible solution that could be quickly assembled to suit the exact location and its dimensions, as well as any other specific requirements which needed to be incorporated into the geometry of the habitat structure, for example, access to a live escape ladder. This meant the essential hot work needed to complete this project could be delivered efficiently and ahead of schedule in a safe, controlled and pressurised habitat environment.


Our innovative technology supports operators and contractors throughout the life cycle of offshore production platforms as well as onshore sites. Coupled with our experience of feeding in to plans within the supply chain, and delivering services in this environment, our alternative technologies are helping to deliver safe, efficient and cost effective measures to support decommissioning.

We are currently in the early planning stage of two additional offshore decommissioning projects, and will provide bespoke engineered protection for the early phase decommissioning and platform removal.