Safehouse’s hazardous area electrical equipment supplier Safe-Ex gains new IECEx certification for its specialised Air Conditioning Unit

Safe-Ex, a member of the Starn Group, provides design and manufacture services of specialised electrical equipment, primarily to Safehouse, for use in hazardous areas. Safe-Ex sought re-certification of its Air-Conditioning Unit (ACU) to facilitate the penetration of it’s electrical equipment into new markets.

Historically, ATEX certification meant that the equipment could be utilised only in markets where this was the recognised and accepted directive. By reviewing and improving the safety performance of the ACU, Safe-Ex was able to re-certify the equipment to both ATEX and IECEx schemes, allowing the equipment to be marketed throughout regions where we were not previously compliant.

The ATEX/IECEx ACU is specially designed for hot climates and tough working areas. When combined with our certified habitats, a cool work environment can be created to improve operational efficiency. By keeping workers comfortable, you can protect their health and productivity.

The Safe-Ex air conditioning unit maximises cooling efficiency and controls humidity by providing 25Kw of cooling capacity and can be used as a backup while fixed AC systems are serviced.

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