Woodside Energy – North Rankin Complex

The North Rankin Complex (NRC) facility comprises the interconnected North Rankin A (NRA) and North Rankin B (NRB) platforms and associated subsea infrastructure, including two export trunk lines (TL1 and TL2) which run between NRC and the onshore Karratha Gas Plant.

The facility is located in Commonwealth waters about 135 km offshore from Dampier on the north-west coast of Western Australia in a water depth of about 125 metres.


To keep the team on the North Rankin A platform safe and comfortable whilst carrying out structural upgrades in multiple hazardous locations and severe heat, over 27 month timeframe.

North Rankin Complex
North Rankin A


Through on-going planning and working closely with the client’s project and operation teams, it was decided that over 150 habitats were required, with constructability reviews, hazard identification studies (HAZID’s) and risk assessments carried out for each. Bi-monthly forecast meetings were set up to ensure sufficient equipment and manpower was available at all times.


To combat working in high temperatures, Safehouse developed its own 22kw certified portable air conditioner (SafeCool) and combined it with the highly effective, material insulated, habitats. For areas in close proximity to the exhausts, alternative insulated material and an innovative lagging system were used. Given the nature of the working environment, the habitats were designed to be dismantled within very short periods of time to avoid any incoming cyclones.

North Rankin A Safecool
North Rankin A

Outcome and benefits

This is the largest offshore project delivered by Safehouse Australia. The use of Safehouse habitats allowed for over 80,000 hours of hot work to take place outside of shutdown. By utilising the habitats and supporting products, complex construction work was carried out in the height of summer whlst we kept the team on the North Rankin A platform safe and comfortable to carry out structural upgrades in severe heat, with minimal disruption.