A pipe on an FPSO in the Ivory Coast had been identified as having critical wall thinning and an engineered wrap was to be applied as the emergency repair solution. The first attempt to apply the technical wrap failed due to condensation on the pipe because of the difference in ambient temperature. A potential shutdown was considered until Safehouse offered an alternative solution.


Safehouse worked directly with the project engineers offshore to find out as much information about the area that needed repaired. This allowed for a complete desktop survey to be carried out.


To reduce the condensation a 3m x 3m x 2m habitat was installed around the pipework. A SafeCool AC unit was used to reduce the temperature inside the habitat to match the temperature of the pipe and eliminate the condensation, allowing the emergency wrap to be carried out.


This flexible solution meant there was no disruption to operations and a shutdown was avoided. The scope of work was completed in seven days, with the pipe’s temperature dropping within one hour of the habitat being in situ.