Woodside Energy – Yolla Platform

The Yolla offshore platform, in the Yolla field, forms part of the BassGas Project in the Bass Strait, 147km offshore of southern Victoria, Australia. The field lies in a water depth of 80m. The Yolla platform weighs 8,000t and is 120m high. It is an unmanned facility remotely monitored from the Lang Lang processing plant located 70km south of Melbourne.


The task was to design and build a SAFEHOUSE habitat to enclose the hull of the platform to allow for the existing bulwarks to be removed and for beam hooks to be installed in preparation for the ASV arrival. Production was not to be interrupted during the work.

The work took place in an exposed location – over the side – prone to high wind speeds of up to 60 knots, and working at height. Access to the platform was challenging due to no offshore accommodation and limited helicopter flights per week.

Yolla Platform
Hotwork habitat


The project involved careful planning due to a number of site and environmental challenges. The workscope was planned to accommodate extensive over the side scaffolding, staging inside of the SAFEHOUSE habitat, wind loadings, restricted time at site, and full encapsulation of hull and deck.


The team developed innovative magnetic fixings for attachment to the hull of the platform, pre- fabricated panels, multiple D ring connections to allow for high wind loadings, and an inline gas sensing module.

Outcome and benefits

The SAFEHOUSE habitat was able to stay in place for the duration of the 21 day workscope, regardless of the adverse weather conditions, and the project was completed ahead of schedule. The use of our SAFEHOUSE habitats meant there was no need for shutdown, thus saving the client millions of dollars as production continued as normal.
The client was very impressed with our system, and by our technicians, who were always present when hot work was being carried out on the platform.