Safehouse is committed to protecting your people, assets and production from the impact of potentially hazardous conditions. Our experienced and reliable teams ensure we deliver the right outcomes for you. Working together, we maximise your productivity through our tailored specialised services that focus on safely managing working environments. Safehouse has global reach and a unique set of products and services that support the effective management of working environments across a wide range of industries wherever you need us.

Our engineered protection offering includes a range of hot work pressurised welding habitats which control environments to achieve safe working conditions. For example, our welding habitats enable hot work, such as welding or grinding, to be undertaken on an oil or gas facility whilst it is operational and with the associated risk of flammable hydrocarbon gases in circulation – thus maintaining production and minimising the cost implications associated with shutdowns.

Our range of Safehouse SafeIPC Systems provide effective infection protection control within medical environments. By utilising negative pressure and HEPA filtration, our SafeIPC Systems allow Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs) to take place in the medical and dental fields, with a turnaround time between patients as low as 10 minutes. Our SafeIPCs can also be used  to convert existing rooms into Class-N negative pressure isolation rooms (NPIR) or Class-P positive pressure isolation rooms (PPIR) to increase capacity.

Our products are used around the globe through our various partners and have regional hubs located in the UK, UAE, US, Australia and Malaysia.

Safehouse is part of the Starn Group whose subsidiaries include Sabre Safety Services, a leading provider of hydrogen sulphide H2S safety services, fire safety services and training, primarily to the oil and gas industry, and Dynamic Air Shelters, leading providers of quick-deploy, blast resistant, inflatable structures for workers and equipment in harsh environments.

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27th March 2020
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Risk and safety

Engineered solutions providing process safety peace of mind in complex projects.

50 of our pressurised welding habitats were used in a complex maintenance project at a busy refinery to bolster process safety.

Works Access

Bespoke solutions that allow our customers to make repairs in challenging environments.

Our customer overcame poor access and visibility challenges when making repairs to a sand trap by SAFEHOUSE hot work welding habitats in a confined space.


Flexible and reliable, our habitats offer cost saving solutions to challenging problems.

Using the SAFEHOUSE hot work habitat enclosure system allowed our customer to save a vast amount of time and money by avoiding the need to purge and dry dock an LPG tanker in order to complete a small repair.