SafeHeat Habitats

By keeping your team warm and dry, you protect them from fatigue, hypothermia and other health concerns. You enable them to do their job better, for longer.

ATEX certified SafeHeat is a controlled solution for cold climates and working areas (including hazardous or classified zones). When combined with ATEX certified SAFEHOUSE habitats, SafeHeat warms the area. Eliminate cold exposure by keeping people comfortable enough to be healthy and productive.

The SafeHeat system provides 15kW of heating power to enhance the environment in cold or damp conditions, protecting personnel welfare and improving productivity.

ATEX is the the certification standard used in many parts of the world for electrical equipment used in explosive atmospheres and applied as best practice offshore in the North Sea, North Atlantic, Black Sea, Caspian and West Africa. Since then, Safehouse has maintained and enhanced its offering to meet the requirements of its customers globally.

Cold, rain and rough seas do not limit emergency welding

During the North Sea winter, a client’s subsea umbilical cords needed Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. The cords didn’t fit inside buildings and welding isn’t effective in the rain. Both staff and the cords needed to be protected, so we used weatherproof habitats, allowing them to weld as needed. SafeHeat warmed the habitat so staff would work longer, completing the project quickly without risking their welfare.