Safehouse have been involved in the rig re-activation project with a global operator since July 2012. The job was initially 50 welding repairs to the Derrick for which two habitats were erected in 27 locations. We were then involved in a further ten hot-work projects on the platform until drilling commenced in January 2013. The most challenging of these was a repair to the wall of the sand trap, which required construction of three habitats in a confined space with poor access and visibility, and one large habitat on the outer wall of the sand trap.


A senior Safehouse Technician visited the platform to conduct an extensive survey of the work site and identify the potential hazards involved. Our Project Engineers designed a bespoke SAFEHOUSE Habitat as an Engineered Control Measure.


Safehouse Habitat Technicians worked closely with the operator and contractor personnel on the platform to enable the safe erection of habitats in this challenging environment. Confined space entry procedures were followed throughout the work to ensure the safety of all personnel involved. Transparent habitat panels were utilised on the roofs of the habitats to allow an extra visual aid for both fire watchers and the work party, for the duration of the workscope.


Habitat materials and Safehouse Technicians were mobilised to the platform and the habitats were constructed as planned. A single fan was initially used to pressurise all four habitats while preparatory grinding work was carried out. The three internal habitats were then modified and pressurised independently to allow the new plates to be welded to the wall and seal the gaps.